Charm of hystericglamour Standard model also large introduction


Hysteric Glamour fancy, punk, wacky than people often think?

Certainly flashy design will draw the eyes, as some people called “I tops are not wearing flashy jeans know and love!” With a wide range of fan you.

From classic simple design vintage to the processing of jeans is a crystal of the brand of technology.

Cool runs off jeans are aligned you!

This time the charm of hysteric glamour of jeans will thoroughly explain.



① Hysteric Glamor jeans is…




Hysteric Glamour ozone community fashion designer was joined Nobuhiko Kitamura is a brand that Mr. launched in 1984. 
It was innovative for its time design that combines music and fashion proposed.

Now it has grown into a brand with fans all over the world.

The hysterical glamor, Mr. designer Nobuhiko Kitamura is influenced music and culture of the early 1960s and 1980s has been incorporated is, also plays collaboration with famous artists.


Beyond the framework of the design, it is taking an active part shop interior, interior, in a wide range of fields such as the production of illustrations.

As well as design, material , sewing , processing insistence has also been evaluated to.

Seen in vintage piece good old specification and “taste” of the clothes pay homage to.

Advanced technology also incorporates ambitious, in order to realize the ideal has continued to defunct research compromise you.


I think that there is a strong impression of the T-shirt Speaking of Hysteric Glamor, why there are fans of jeans limited its craftsmanshipsince have been aggregated.

Lock machining and natural vintagereproduction of a feeling.

Then, the processing grows silhouette design .


Exactly brand of the spirit and of the technology for realizing it crystal , it says that!



Features of the Hysteric Glamour jeans

Vintage processing people who like the must-see, especially, the charm of His jeansintroduce. Your reference when choosing!


Attractive ① realistic vintage, reproduction of fall colors

HYSTERIC GLAMOUR(ヒステリックグラマー)の「KP加工Sデニム 九分丈スキニーPT(デニムパンツ)」 - WEAR
HYSTERIC GLAMOUR(ヒステリックグラマー)の「KP加工Sデニム 九分丈スキニーPT(デニムパンツ)」です。このアイテム着用のコーディネートをチェックすることもできます。

This is are you embody the brand image vintage processing . 
Kazi , the lock design is exactly the Hysteric Glamor sense and technology crystal is. 
Seen in aging reproduce the fraying and discoloration naturally , the height of its maturity.


But the present invention can also anywhere in the jeans manufacturer, for realizing the ideal uncompromising creators spirit nacelle skills . 
If you take in hand should be surprised to realism of processing and the quality of the fabric.



Attractive ② damage processing Cool!

HYSTERIC GLAMOUR(ヒステリックグラマー)の「RSM加工デニムスリムストレートパンツ(デニムパンツ)」 - WEAR
HYSTERIC GLAMOUR(ヒステリックグラマー)の「RSM加工デニムスリムストレートパンツ(デニムパンツ)」です。このアイテム着用のコーディネートをチェックすることもできます。「購入する」ボタンから購入できます。


Cloth against the small windows and patchwork-like in damage processing, design stitched is full of originality, not too break the lock runs off gem in.

Processing also each rather than one pattern personality if there is, you find the one that suits your taste should.

Works of art to be wearing other jeans users and difference.


Attractive ③ cool runs off the ideal silhouette

HYSTERIC GLAMOUR(ヒステリックグラマー)の「RAWデニムスリムストレートパンツ(デニムパンツ)」 - WEAR
HYSTERIC GLAMOUR(ヒステリックグラマー)の「RAWデニムスリムストレートパンツ(デニムパンツ)」です。このアイテム着用のコーディネートをチェックすることもできます。「購入する」ボタンから購入できます。

Pichi’ and Seth as skinny, not too Innovation dowel to a straight sleek silhouette is cool! 
The more people to choose the hiss jeans this silhouette is not the likes vintage processing.

Not too break design is tired no all-purpose item .

Moderate relaxed feeling is overall style up the whole body makes me.

People who are actually using has been research on where the likes of or SNS hiss jeans.





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After all, love is working! Vast majority of people that pattern.

” In old clothes tweets people and thrift store that I bought!” It was also conspicuous. Taste only wear it brush comes out because like a charm.

Some people to search for vintage clothing store any objects that are familiar with the dough dare elaborate wear.


Charm of hiss jeans also because vintage shineIt is.


However, even such opinion ….


This is I think there is a place like the jeans of fate. 
His jeans, only to not cheap size selection is in anticipation of the future tightly without regret that, long runs off point.




Standard model of Hysteric Glamour jeans

The standard model for each type three will introduce.


Classic ①: vintage processing type

HYSTERIC GLAMOUR(ヒステリックグラマー)の「【野口 強 別注】REAL WRINKLE CLASH加工デニムストレートPT(デニムパンツ)」 - WEAR
HYSTERIC GLAMOUR(ヒステリックグラマー)の「【野口 強 別注】REAL WRINKLE CLASH加工デニムストレートPT(デニムパンツ)」です。このアイテム着用のコーディネートをチェックすることもできます。


Speaking of His jeans vintage processing is representative. 
The strength of the damage is also not fit into one pattern trends in each by jeans, choices are often the charm. 
Modest vintage processing grows even in a simple style, a single processing of constructive to become the leading role.


Classic ②: stitch processing

HYSTERIC GLAMOUR(ヒステリックグラマー)の「KPR加工ISKOデニム リメイクスリムパンツ(デニムパンツ)」 - WEAR
HYSTERIC GLAMOUR(ヒステリックグラマー)の「KPR加工ISKOデニム リメイクスリムパンツ(デニムパンツ)」です。このアイテム着用のコーディネートをチェックすることもできます。「購入する」ボタンから購入できます。


Come to those who want to put out the personality small window processing want to recommend the jeans! 
“Crash processing for young people” 
“too destroying a little yourself and your type is different”
is runs off design is also in the people who have the image of.

If it is worn tops to punk impression that edge is worked in, if adjusted to the casual shirt moderate Kazi sense of the director makes.


Classic ③: Straight

HYSTERIC GLAMOUR(ヒステリックグラマー)の「RAWデニムストレートPT(デニムパンツ)」 - WEAR
HYSTERIC GLAMOUR(ヒステリックグラマー)の「RAWデニムストレートPT(デニムパンツ)」です。このアイテム着用のコーディネートをチェックすることもできます。

Only stylish, not too break, fashionable cool show to us straight jeans.

Those that damage processing is not subjected also match any style you.

It might “than there is no goodness of Hysteric Glamor?” Seems to be, but the height of the silhouette and the quality can not be provided only by this brand !

Let there be once by all means try the real thing in the shop!


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