Introducing the features and models of “Momotaro Jeans” representative of Japanese-made jeans


Among the denims made in Japan, Kojima jeans, famous alongside EVISU jeans are Momotaro jeans.

I’ve heard of the name, but maybe there are a lot of people who actually have jeans in hand, or have not seen people wearing them.

I am also interested but it’s a brand I have never seen before,

I think that some people say that the price seems to be high.

Considering that it will be a long term relationship with jeans, it will be pretty cautious when choosing jeans.

In addition, the head office of Momotaro jeans is in Okayama prefecture (famous for producing jeans made in Japan), so it is also a difficult brand to try on.

As Momotaro Jeans was a bit interested as a candidate for new jeans to buy this time, I decided to write this article if it becomes helpful for everyone.



What is Momotaro jeans in the first place?


Momotaro Jeans is one of the brands handled by the company JAPAN BULUE CO., LTD.
This brand launched in 2005 in Kojima city which exists in Okayama prefecture which is a sacred place of denim.

The brand name was named Momotaro Jeans from Otayama’s fairy tale “Momotaro” (a famous Japanese fairy tale).

I am committed to domestic denim, I am manufacturing fabrics while traditional craftsmen repair looms.



Features of Momotaro jeans

After understanding the background of Momotaro jeans, I will introduce the characteristics of Momotaro Jeans into two parts, “Commitment” and “Dark Blue”.


Fine commitment

First of all, I will introduce the detailed commitment of Momotaro jeans.

The first point of commitment is about “peach color” named after the “peach” Taro jeans.

Momotaro jeans are using Serbitchi denim fabric.

Fabric woven by old loom as shown in the picture below is subjected to fraying prevention treatment.

Momotaro jeans use pink threads after “peach” instead of red thread.

It is a commitment that you can not do with brands entrusting fabrics to other companies.

Buttons are also using custom buttons.
Of course, the front buttons, as well as the buttons with their logo on the rivet buttons are used, and although it is small it has quite a bit of impact.


Momotaro Jeans’s sterling silver top button \ (o) / Cool eh ~ (* ‘∀ `) ♪


As you can see, Momotaro jeans are particular about sticking to their own details in detail.


Commitment to dark blue

Another characteristic of Momotaro jeans is deep indigo blue.

The color of the thread is deep blue, but the core is white, so it falls slowly and the shading is also clear.


This picture is Momotaro Jeans I wore for 2 years.

Even from this picture, you can see that the color fading of Momotaro jeans slowly advances.

This may also be said as the taste of one secular change.



Momotaro jeans classic model

Next I will introduce the main models of Momotaro jeans.
There are mainly three standard models, there are straight to slim straight in the model.


銅丹(Doutan,means Copper)



Momotaro jeans
Copper folium label G003-MB
Purchased in May 2014

First time Momotaro jeans
I gradually got a good taste, I feel it


It is characterized by yellow stitching in the back pocket.

The thickness of the fabric seems to be thin compared to the two models introduced later.

However, because it has more than 14 ounces, it is recommended for those who want to enjoy discoloration without going wrong.



出陣(Syutsujin,means departure for the battle)


Today ‘s Momotaro jeans 0105 SP going out narrow narrow tapered. 11 months after purchase 1 washing. The color fades are still there, but Hachinos feels nice! What?


It features two horizontal lines painted back pocket.

I think that it can be said that this model is the model I see the most in the streets.

Many people buy this model to enjoy this falling color.


Vintage label

My favorite Momotaro jeans vintage label. I have been getting tired a lot, so I took a new baton touch.


Because it is not shrink-proofed, it shrinks when washing, the fabric of the foot twists inside wearing.

You can enjoy the original secular change of jeans.



Samples of discoloration are also posted on directly managed online shops of brands.

Please try to see what colors can be enjoyed.

Just watching, I’m excited about how my denim grows up.


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