Hysteric Glamor, the choice of when in doubt what should I buy!


Hysteric Glamor pasting of its own way in value.

Of course I do not want Regret if you buy is much trouble.


Focuses on the hysterical glamor this time, does not regret in choosing the hiss, we will introduce the point of models to choose that was in you. 
My favorite will always be found if Osaere even favorite style and choice of their own.



Hysteric Glamor of the standard model 


First of all, the introduction of hysterical glamor of the standard model.


Charm of hystericglamour Standard model also large introduction
Hysteric Glamour fancy, punk, wacky than people often think? Certainly flashy d...


In this article, we summarize the hysterical glamor of charm and classic models.

Please by all means read and try!


It seems to really brand I hiss of vintage jeans, rock design is cool. 
To say whether, hard impression is not received, you will feel the smart have been refined!




② Hysteric Glamor, how to choose the model that suits you

In his own style, what jeans that fit of hysterical glamor?

While to pick up a few items, we will explain how to choose!


Hysteric Glamor might punk image in the lock, but since silhouette is nifty, will be worn somewhere elegant to be some color.


Try compared with their usual Corde, by all means your reference!


Vintage processing type

★ vintage beginner recommend 
“USED processing ISKO denim slim pants”


HYSTERIC GLAMOUR(ヒステリックグラマー)の「USED加工ISKOデニム スリムパンツ(デニムパンツ)」 - WEAR
HYSTERIC GLAMOUR(ヒステリックグラマー)の「USED加工ISKOデニム スリムパンツ(デニムパンツ)」です。このアイテム着用のコーディネートをチェックすることもできます。「購入する」ボタンから購入できます。


Hiss of the popular classic straight silhouette to indigo green system. 
This silhouette, likely a no quite in this color.

It will also match a wide range of dress If this can be a long favorite.




Recommended for people not good clothes ish Yabotta is also a vintage ★ 
“SP processing S denim slim pants”


HYSTERIC GLAMOUR(ヒステリックグラマー)の「SP加工Sデニム スリムパンツ(デニムパンツ)」 - WEAR
HYSTERIC GLAMOUR(ヒステリックグラマー)の「SP加工Sデニム スリムパンツ(デニムパンツ)」です。このアイテム着用のコーディネートをチェックすることもできます。「購入する」ボタンから購入できます。


His popular model, has been applied vintage processing in the silhouette of the slim fit.

Stylish design that does not feel the Yabotta of like old clothes.



Damage processing type

★ Recommended for those who want to dress in lock 
“60s REMAKE DENIM slim straight pants”


HYSTERIC GLAMOUR(ヒステリックグラマー)の「60s REMAKE DENIM スリムストレートパンツ(デニムパンツ)」 - WEAR
HYSTERIC GLAMOUR(ヒステリックグラマー)の「60s REMAKE DENIM スリムストレートパンツ(デニムパンツ)」です。このアイテム着用のコーディネートをチェックすることもできます。「購入する」ボタンから購入できます。

Fabric of the check to the small window Produce sense.

Design that will cover the thing insufficient Corde.



★ Recommended for people hiss-ish jeans want 
“RSM processing denim slim straight pants”


HYSTERIC GLAMOUR(ヒステリックグラマー)の「RSM加工デニムスリムストレートパンツ(デニムパンツ)」 - WEAR
HYSTERIC GLAMOUR(ヒステリックグラマー)の「RSM加工デニムスリムストレートパンツ(デニムパンツ)」です。このアイテム着用のコーディネートをチェックすることもできます。「購入する」ボタンから購入できます。


Exactly Hysteric Glamor!

Stitch really cool. 
Also in accordance with the T-shirt of Hademe, also for us in style brings out the whole in accordance with the punk a relaxed silhouette tops.



Straight jeans type

We want excellent jeans in standard mode straight ★! 
“RAW denim slim straight pants”

HYSTERIC GLAMOUR(ヒステリックグラマー)の「RAWデニムストレートPT(デニムパンツ)」 - WEAR
HYSTERIC GLAMOUR(ヒステリックグラマー)の「RAWデニムストレートPT(デニムパンツ)」です。このアイテム着用のコーディネートをチェックすることもできます。


It might appear to be that there is no hiss whiff, only Hiss This jeans is able to produce.


Since the wax jeans, one that put it in elegant to casual. Silhouette of narrow but use the fabric stretch to without stress runs off so.

Hosomi is a picture effect preeminent.



★ Recommended for simple denim want people with long legs effect 
“S denim Slim pants”

HYSTERIC GLAMOUR(ヒステリックグラマー)の「ブラックSデニムスリムパンツ(デニムパンツ)」 - WEAR
HYSTERIC GLAMOUR(ヒステリックグラマー)の「ブラックSデニムスリムパンツ(デニムパンツ)」です。このアイテム着用のコーディネートをチェックすることもできます。「購入する」ボタンから購入できます。


It adopted the 90’s design in silhouette of the popularity of slim pants. 
The length has been made longer to be able to enjoy a roll-up that was popular in the 1990s. 
Jeans without Hebirote mistake put it to Me clean to casual.

I photograph is black.


Looks monotonous I black but, such as rivets around the pocket, has been hysterical glamor likeness is actually studded.



③ How to choose the size of the His jeans

West hiss of jeans than the inch size of the reference, hip but is larger so, I feel that wearing is slim.

Because looking at the user reviews, such as often does not turn on the thighs, waist, please think in three of the size of the thighs in addition to the hip.

In addition, carefully is what processing is given in accordance with the design so ugly and shifted to process the position of the knee ….

Jeans measurements for each manufacturer in the same size, or different size notation.

The same also by the model in the manufacturer can happen enough is crap “jeans of A is 29 to was the inch not enter B’s jeans!”.

It is also a hand to use the ZOZO suit that will measure their own system in the app.

Since the jeans model comes also changed the fabric, it is also best to add to the judgment material.


Hiss of official mail-order page, if you look at ZOZOTOWN, of dough firmness in the item description, is the point to try and there also check because they touch on the softness!


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