The charm of KURO jeans proud of to the world! I thoroughly comment on the characteristic and a basic model


Do you know jeans brand proud of to the world called KURO from Japan?

The passion on the feelings and manufacturing is craftsman itself.

I should want to take it in a hand absolutely once so as to know it if I know the jeans of KURO.

I want to introduce Japanese jeans brand KURO this time.



①What is the KURO jeans?


KURO (Kuro) is a Japanese denim brand that started in 2010.

As its brand name, black means “black”.

Japanese eyes, coloring hair as a brand name, has developed a collection with the concept of Japanese “black” with rich and delicate expression as color, such as black violet, jet black and so on.

Amazingly craftsmanship not compromising with perfection made in Japan.

With the power of craftsmen from various places that inherited Japanese traditional culture, we will make up jeans of KURO adherence. Looking at the process, I get the impression that is close to traditional crafts.

The technology is highly appreciated worldwide.

It is said that he grabbed the hearts of buyers around the world at the European exhibition that he participated in shortly after his debut and made a sales contract successful.

Currently it is on sale in more than 20 countries, including fashion mainland such as Italy and France.

If you know the attitude and respect for culture and craftsmen, you will definitely want more KURO jeans.

Below, I will introduce the insistence of such KURO.


②Characteristics of KURO jeans


Honestly, I do not want to tell you when speaking out, but I would like to introduce KURO’s uncompromising craftsmanship solely to tell.


1. High quality concerning made in Japan


Each factory in Japan, which is a professional in each field, is responsible for manufacturing processes such as fabrics, sewing, processing and dyeing.

The height of that technology is proven by being a jeans manufacturer KURO is globally appreciated.


2. Unique stitch


The stitch is so distinctive that KURO’s jeans can be seen at a glance.

Especially the back stitch is distinctive.

This sewing which is sewn apart and looks like a broken yarn is a trademark which can be said as a playfulness of KURO.

It seems that the color will change while using this thread.

In addition, it is unique in KURO that expresses the texture of hand-sewn by sewing.

It will take twice as long as normal process and this sewing can not be done without high technology.

Depending on the part, how to sew, I changed the thickness of the thread and I feel somewhere warm.

Characteristic stitching of the back pocket is intentionally made into this shape, and it is done by hand one by one.

I am looking forward to looking for something that I liked.



3. Silhouette for the Japanese figure


Considering Japanese body shape, it is designed to think to be a beautiful silhouette when worn.

A rounded pocket with a back shape also considered a foot length effect.

Japanese people who are smaller in size than Westerners have a complex feeling that feet look short.

It also adheres to the design which such Japanese can beautifully put on.

In other words, even if it is not Japanese, it can be said that it is a design that fits if it is an Asian strainer.

I feel a dignified atmosphere somewhere in jeans.




③ KURO jeans, standard model to choose


We introduce four classic models of KURO jeans.


[Diamante Slim Tapered]


There is a tapering from the knee to the hem and there is an effect that looks thin.

Because stretch works, it is also excellent in functionality.

This is recommended if you want to wear it slimmer than graphite.

It is casual and elegantly wearable, and it is a model that is easy to move even with function.



【Graphite Slim Straight】


The prototype model of KURO jeans is here.

The depth of the hip circumference and rise is set by the ratio that the feet are long and look beautiful.

It is popular regardless of age because there are only prototype models and can be put on active.



【Auric Deep Tapered】


A strong taper is applied from below the knee to the hem.

Have a little leeway around the waist, the hem is thin.

Skinny does not emphasize the lower body line, the waist looks relaxed.

However, the overall silhouette of a clear impression.

The effect of prolonging the leg is outstanding.




【Jocatore Tapered】


There is a clearance around the thigh, with a strong tapered from the knee, slim from the front, a silhouette that looks like a slack from behind.

KURO jeans, which are made in Japan, have a lot of charm that can not be fully introduced.

Please consider as a candidate for new jeans by all means!


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